Blog #3- “Implementing Plan B”

Implementing Plan B

We often hear the phrase, “time for Plan B”. What do people mean when they make this casual comment? Plan B could range from making a minor adjustment in the plan for the day or a major switch in life.

Perhaps you were expecting a stop to your home from a service provider and due to an emergency elsewhere, you concerns were moved down on the priority list. Maybe you intended to have a restful evening at home and your car overheated after work, causing you to lose the evening due to towing and repairs.

You might have planned a trip Iceland and, guess what?! A volcano erupted. Maybe you had dreams that you child would attend your alma mater and the child has developmental cognitive delay.

All of the above examples signal the switch to Plan B. Thus you find yourself rescheduling your service provider, forgoing the quiet evening at home, changing vacation plans, planning for special services and seeking supports for your child.

This tells us one thing that is certain in life- that things can change in an instant and we must be prepared to switch gears and look for new opportunities, experiences and relationships on the route marked Plan B.


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