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“Taming the Torpedo Lifestyle” -Blog #7

June 15, 2010

Anyone who has goals and means it knows how driven one can become to achieve them. In the process, it is easy to become so goal-focused that we function like a torpedo. Think of this underground weapon selected and aimed for a specific target. Wham! Get out of the way! It does not look left or right! Full steam ahead!

So, what is the metaphor here? When we shift into a heavy-duty high-powered driven mode, we move at such a rate, it is easy to miss out on anyone or anything on the left or right.

The opposite? We choose to be present to others and aware of sights, tastes, sounds, fragrances and sensory experiences around us every day. We take time for the voice within the heart.

Does a torpedo have brakes?


“Dissing” Indifference – Blog #6

June 8, 2010

Recently I saw on my calendar that I had scheduled a birding walk for the evening. My reaction was indifference plus more. I had no desire to leave the house and look at birds! Hey! I wanted a hot bath and PJs, maybe watch some TV and chill.

But, it was on my goal list and my calendar, so instead I called a friend who agreed to come, told her I would pick her up at such and such a time and we went.

When I got to the wooded area, gradually, the part of me that loves nature and the quest for our feathered friends took over big time. I had “dissed” a passive aspect of the personality.

By breaking through the indifference, I had found a part of personality that enjoys being alive and engaged in the world. It is simply a matter of ignoring these tuggings of indifference and advancing into a more fulfilled part of ourselves. There we  find delight.

By the way, the full moon rising over the Minnesota River was beyond lovely!

Putting it on Pause-Blog #5-

June 1, 2010

Yes, it is great to be enthused and ambitious. Sure it is fine to finish early. It is absolutely wonderful to achieve. It is totally great to meet a deadline.

However, pacing can be a balancer during the creative process as well. This can mean stopping ever so often during the day to monitor your breathing or sip some fresh water. It might mean moving away from your computer for an hour or so to go out for a walk to clear your head. Even leaving town for a day or two might give the fresh perspective that would enable you to complete the project on time.

Putting oneself on pause and getting distance from a project helps to regroup the emotions and refresh the mind. New perspective assists in refining the final product and completing it with pride…one step at a time.