“Dissing” Indifference – Blog #6

Recently I saw on my calendar that I had scheduled a birding walk for the evening. My reaction was indifference plus more. I had no desire to leave the house and look at birds! Hey! I wanted a hot bath and PJs, maybe watch some TV and chill.

But, it was on my goal list and my calendar, so instead I called a friend who agreed to come, told her I would pick her up at such and such a time and we went.

When I got to the wooded area, gradually, the part of me that loves nature and the quest for our feathered friends took over big time. I had “dissed” a passive aspect of the personality.

By breaking through the indifference, I had found a part of personality that enjoys being alive and engaged in the world. It is simply a matter of ignoring these tuggings of indifference and advancing into a more fulfilled part of ourselves. There we  find delight.

By the way, the full moon rising over the Minnesota River was beyond lovely!


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