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Blog #9- Deleting Unwanted Comments from Your Mind

July 14, 2010

When a loose cannon offers an unsolicited comment about an aspect of life, though well intentioned, one is tempted to trump one’s own good sense and believe it. However, why surrender expertise on your own life to an outsider?

Only one person is living your life. Consequently, you know who to seek out for advice and what is in your own heart and mind. Your insight and strength is there because it has been fashioned from the unique experience only you have had.

So, when another seeks to override this life data and heart understanding, there is only one thing to do. Delete it!


Creating Temporary Communities – Blog #8

July 1, 2010

A crisis in the life of a good friend or coworker signals that it is time to form a temporary community of support. Perhaps someone you know is experiencing a medical or emotional difficulty. They send out the signal for help. You want to be there for them but wonder how to do that effectively.
By connecting with a mutual friend or another concerned coworker, you have the opportunity to brainstorm together as to how best to support this person in need. Together you can identify ways to help and determine who can do these things best.
Having someone in your immediate circle in crisis is stressful for you as well. When you reach out for someone to care with you, you not only help another person, but reduce your stress in the process.