Blog #11 – The “Gift” of a Fall

“If I can get this bill into the mailbox then I will hurry off to hike. Today is the last nice October day we will have for awhile, at least that is what I heard. I better go today or I may not get in my last hike. My foot hit the ridge between the curb and asphalt. Oh no!”

Turn! Crunch! Crack! “I know something is really wrong. I am down on the ground and the pain is getting worse.”

Thus was my inner dialogue earlier today. Neighbors came to help me and I got  into the car and sped off to the ER. A torn ligament means changing plans, changing the calendar and asking for help.

When life deters our plans, how do we go graciously to Plan B? Or do we go kicking and screaming? I must admit I am not thrilled to be hobbling around the house on crutches, stuck here for the next few days for the most part. Acceptance is a struggle.

What have I learned for this situation? People are caring and helpful. Medical staff are effective and efficient as well as kind and fun. I can R and R and also get things done in my immediate world. I can even save on gas!

Since this is only Day One of my new challenge, I suspect that more good things will come my way during this healing process.

How have you survived any twists in plans? Do you see any opportunity in such circumstances?


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