Blog #12 Lesson from a Raccoon

A few nights ago I got up about 1:00 A.M. and noticed the back room with  sky lights was particularly bright. The moon was so compelling I grabbed my binoculars and spent time viewing the craters. Hoping to get another view,  I went to the window seat in the living room.

Laying down on my stomach I looked outside and saw a dark “something” on the ledge. Looking closer it seemed like a cat but was too big. Then, getting a better look, I noticed it was  raccoon, eating a corn cob set out to attract birds.  I tried to photograph it but got poor results.  One older camera I tried, though set for night produced nothing. It needed film! Then I took a flashlight and shined it upon the creature to get a better look. No matter what I did, the raccoon turned calmly and looked for awhile in my direction and then returned to eating the corn.

So – what did I learn from this animal – other than I enjoyed having this nocturnal adventure?  This raccoon had focus and determination. Nothing would take time away much time from “the project”. The animal was calm and casual and going about the task in a relaxed manner. There was no rush. For the raccoon,  living in the present moment was what mattered most.

Some lessons to ponder!


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