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Blog # 14 – What’s Hot on the Back Burner?

April 2, 2011

What ideas or projects are on the periphery of your mind right now? Do you have fleeting ideas for an article or a book? Do they come when you are daydreaming or at other times when you let down your guard?

Do you have a part of you that dismisses them as unimportant and dull? Does part of you want to go further with these plans? Do you have folders stashed away containing notes with passing ideas that you have saved?

Is all of this on the back burner right now because something else is taking priority? Perhaps you are focused on a project initiated by an employer or someone else. However, some of your ideas are of value and maybe you have  not had time to pursue them.

Take them off the back burner where they are simmering unseen “under the lid”. You may just have a project that is really hot!