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Blog # 15 – – Adjust, Adapt and Move On

May 11, 2011

As I look out the upstairs window this evening, the only visible remnant of this morning’s storm is a puddle on the neighbor’s flat roof. Earlier in the day I was walking through strong winds and rain with a precious antique clock covered with plastic bags. My Mother had had it repaired and it was ready for pick up. Despite challenging weather, we went to the shop to get it. She remained in the car while I braved the elements.

When I opened the car door, the wind took hold of some important papers I had on the dashboard. I retrieved them from beside and beneath the car. They were soaked! Being resourceful, we drove under a tree in the bank parking lot between two large vehicles.  I turned up the car heater and fan to dry the papers, my hair and my clothing. Also, I turned on the heat in the car seats to dry the clothing as well.

During the “drying process”, we watched a young woman with no umbrella slogging through the elements. When our conditions improved we drove to my Mother’s doctor appointment.

The moral of the story – adjust,  adapt and move on. The setbacks from the storm were in effect, quite minor. When the big storms in life hit, I think all of us approach them in the same way we handled this situation. What choice do we have but to be resourceful, try to adjust the situation, adapt to the changes and move on to the “next stop”?