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Bummer Summer? From REFLECTIONS, Spring/Summer 2011

June 29, 2011

From Spring/Summer Reflections

Bummer Summer?

Summer has been viewed in our culture as a time of high expectations. It has been associated with time off from work, outdoor fun and getting together with family and friends for reunions and casual picnics.

What happens when the weather does not cooperate with this summer ideal? What if life continues to happen and the party is cancelled? Disappointments can contribute to a “bummer summer”.

Sometimes human expectations for fun fizzle due to unforeseen circumstances and life challenges. What then? What is plan B or C?

Yes, we cannot control outcomes. Summer weather and reveries from the past may have no bearing on current circumstances. Perspective and acceptance must come to the rescue.

Time to submit our thought patterns to reality. Time to readjust expectations. Time to look for beauty, joy, rest and surprises in new and unexpected ways.

What we find, who we see, what we do, how we react is all filtered through our own choice of attitude. Choose to experience special summer moments!


Blog # 16 – Cell Phone – Connection Builder or Blocker?

June 10, 2011

Believe it or not, there was once a time when we did not have cell phones. And during that time, the stereotype for someone who wanted to block out another person was the individual who would barricade behind a newspaper. Today, something similar happens. Two individuals can be talking. A cell phone plays a tune and one of them cuts from one conversation and immediately begins another with the person calling.

In pre-cell phone times, when two people were unable to relate, they sat uncomfortably in a restaurant unable to converse. Today, they both simply call or text another person and check out of the relationship at hand.

A device designed for communication can enhance 1-1 precious connections. Being present in person or on the phone gifts us with communications that support connections.