Blog # 18 – “Personnel Hurricanes”

Recently we have seen news reports and some have even experienced the hurricanes on the east coast. These were powerful forces to be reckoned with.

In our lives as well we experience personal hurricanes in that we are pummeled and knocked down by difficulties and challenges. Just when a storm seems to have passed, another, like on the east coast, follows in its wake.

What can we do to survive our personal hurricanes? Following are five suggestions to find “land” again.

1. Stay in the present and get concrete. Read the label on a can. Make lasagna. Watch the birds at your feeders.
2. Talk to a friend. They know you best
and can hear your hurt and help you
pare it down to size.
3. Drink water to bring your body back to life.
4. Rest to bring back perspective.
5. Seek the spiritual for grace to go forward on a solid path.

Hang in there and find your answer in the aftermath of the storm. Calm will eventually follow.


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