BLOG #24

Dealing with Dread

I dread….going to the dentist…paying the bills…working on the finances…cleaning the closet…returning the phone call…going grocery shopping…seeing my son go off to university…having another job interview…the return of winter…having foot surgery…opening this e-mail…

Dread can be attached to a continuous variety of thoughts about typical daily events or about sad occasions yet to happen. They can pile up and create discomfort.

Though dread exists in the mind, the events that one dreads are likely to happen and may be so imminent that they are on the calendar for later in the day. How does one get out from under the negativity of dread?

Following are three tips:

1.Mentally slice the tasks apart and consider that there are progressive actions that are done during the dreaded event.
2.Stay in the moment realizing that the time dreaded will eventually be over.
3.Take a deep breath and change the direction of your thinking toward a book you are enjoying, the buds on the trees or something pleasant you are planning.

Dread is real and so are the events that we dread. Yet it does not have to take charge or our days.


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