Blog #25-Launching Out into the Unknown

Life has a way of offering opportunities to make personal and professional transitions. This comes in the form of job changes, assignment shifts, weather and seasonal changes, children growing up and leaving home for their next step in life,  and the death of a dear and close person.


When such events occur individuals can feel like they have been hit hard, that the wind has been knocked out of their very souls and that the routines that were once so regular and predictable are things of the past, never to be retrieved again. 


Facing the blank slate of uncertainty, those struck with such sudden changes will wonder how to go forward and how to envision the next month, much less the next moment. 


Such times, when the heart is adrift and circumstances signal more unknown than normalcy, create havoc within and without. Surroundings may look the same but the world feels as if something is very wrong. 


So what then? Aim to… Accept gradually. Breathe deeply. Move ahead gently. Connect carefully. Feel genuinely. Speak openly. Look at life spiritually. Rest regularly. Remember gratefully. 


At least give such movements a try while pivoting into the unknown. 


One Response to “Blog #25-Launching Out into the Unknown”

  1. Carol Says:

    And look & savor the happy little surprises that you did not anticipate.

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